Ed Tech Funding

I thought I’d pass this along to the PA DEN in case any of you wanted to get involved. 

I subscribe to the EdTech Action Network (powered by the Consortium for School Networking and the International Society for Technology in Education).  I recently received the following urgent action call:

Keep America Competitive
Stop Congress From Eliminating Ed Tech!

The Administration’s Proposed FY08 Budget calls for the total elimination of critical education technology funding.  Specifically, the Administration’s Proposed FY08 Budget would zero out the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT), STAR Schools and Ready to Teach programs.  Combined, the proposed FY08 budget cuts education technology by $290 million alone.

These proposed cuts come at the same time that the Administration and Congress are concerned that America’s students lack sufficient academic background in math and science, imperiling their personal and the nation’s competitiveness in the global economy. Denying education technology knowledge and tools to America’s k12 students and teachers not only does not advance that agenda, but undermines it.

With the House and the Senate working on a budget resolution over the next five weeks, now is the time for members of Congress to hear from you that education technology funding must be restored.

Please send a letter to your Members of Congress TODAY!

If you would like to send a letter to your elected officials, the ETAN has a web site that will format a message and send it directly to your federal Senators and your Representative.  You can customize the letter before e-mailing or printing it.


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