Meetup at MACUL


This blog post is brought to you by the letter "M"

If you’re one of the many members of the magnificent Michigan DEN that will be meandering over to MACUL March 14-16, then maybe you should meetup and mingle with us!

*phew*  Too much Sesame Street!

MACUL is just a few weeks away and if you’re going to be there, then you should join us for some good eats and great conversation.  We’ve got a reservation for 20 STAR Discovery Educators at the Detroit Beer Company.  The eatery was recommended by Jim Wenzloff, otherwise known as Mug Club member #45. 

As we all know, the best part of most conferences is talking about what piqued your interest with other educators, so I hope you’ll come share what you’ve learned with the rest of us. Dinner is at 7:00pm on Thursday.

If you’d like to come to dinner, leave a comment below and I’ll let you know the rest of the details!


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  1. joe Brennan said:

    Give my best to the Wenzloffs (and any other MI folks I might know) and see if old #45 will have one for me 😉

  2. Sue Summerford said:

    If Jim recommended it, count me in.

    Sure would be great to see Joe Brennan again – too bad you’re not a Michigander. Remember when we had dinner in Denver with the Pope? Oh, wait, I think that was R.J. with an arm cast? (You had to be there!)

    I always look forward to the DEN events. Thanks for the invitation, Steve.

  3. Jeanna Walker said:

    Mary Whyte and I would love to join fellow Star Discovery Educators at the Detroit Beer Company.

    Jeanna Walker
    Portage Public Schools

  4. Jim said:

    Ok, with that intro it became a must attend for myself and Chris. I’m looking forward to the meetup.


  5. Deborah Skergan said:

    Thank you for the invitation. Yes, I would very much like to join you for the Star Discovery Educator Dinner. See you there!

  6. Chris Burnett said:

    Thanks for the invitation. Looking forward to it.


  7. Joel Milinsky said:

    I would like to meet with educators who think about how do we get more media filtered into the classroom

    the word podcast was hardly alive two years ago.

    Now I’m being forced to write curriculum on how to run a printing press

    Holy Guttenberg Batman!!!

  8. Eric Strommer said:

    Count me in. I am looking forward to meeting other DEN members at MACUL.


  9. Diane Zoellmer said:

    Sounds like fun! I’ll be there. (I’m just headed into the DEN Get Together at the Illinois Conference.)


  10. Andy Mann said:

    Sounds like fun. It will be great to see everyone and hear what they’re doing.

  11. Trish Dewit said:

    Sally Dunlop (also a Star Educator), and Trish and John Dewit would love to join you at the Beer Company. See you there

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