Students finished with their work? Let them Wabble!

Just a little fun for a dreary winter day (in Chicago). 

When I was monitoring the computer lab at my old school, it was constantly a struggle to keep kids on task, or when they were done with their projects, to make sure they were occupied with something that was even remotely educational. 

Well, here’s a site that is fun for both kids and adults, and would definitely help kids build up their vocabulary skills.  Wabble is basically an online version of Scrabble written in AJAX.  There’s not much to tell about it really.  You enter in a username, input how many players you want to be in the game and then start it up! 

It isn’t the prettiest online app I’ve every seen, but it functions pretty well and is a lot of fun.  Good clean wholesome good times for you and your students.


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  1. Tiya Longpre said:

    In a book that my teacher wrote (E-learning concepts and practice, By Bryn Holmes and John Gardner) she covers another great site wth loads of fun games. The site is The book has lots of great interactive websites to help do many things, such as create websites.

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