Done much social networking lately?

I was just talking with a few DEN members over dinner last night at METC about how students are spending so much time on social networking websites and how few educators there are who use them.

So my question to you today is, what social networking websites are you on?  Do you actually use them?  Have you added  your friends, both virtual and ‘real’?

Take a few minutes today, at home if they’re blocked at school, and register at a social networking website.  Then send me a friend invite!  You can find me on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others.  If you happen to register on Facebook, don’t forget to join the Discovery Educator Network group there. 

Feel free to share links to your profiles in the comments here so people can link up with you!  Let’s try to connect each other with our most valuable resources 🙂


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  1. Scott Meech said:

    Social Networking isn’t as important to me for true “social” reasons. I don’t have enough time for the friends that I do have…

    In regards to professional relationships… posting and commenting on colleagues blogs, professional organizational blogs, and job related topics is as time consuming as I can do…

    Running my own educational blog is very time consuming as I continually try to network to expand my horizons.

    The biggest challenge that I have is trying to get adults to understand the importance of RSS feeds and blogging in general. I think the biggest fear is information overload from people. They don’t see the time saving reasons for using these technologies… or maybe they just are not time saving…

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