Happy Birthday to Two Educational Leaders

ConiinthehatMarch 2nd is a pretty important day when it comes to education.  We celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss as well as the birthday of our DEN mother, Coni Rechner.

Coni started the DEN and is, without a doubt, its biggest supporter.  Leave Coni a birthday greeting by posting a comment to this blog entry. 

Happy Birthday, Coni!



  1. Robert said:

    Wow I didn’t know that it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday! Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Happy Happy birthday to both Dr. Seuss (my hero!) and Coni!

  2. Mark Hall said:

    Coni, Happy Birthday! Thanks for the DEN and all that you do to support the DEN and the the DEN members. It’s because of people like you that we have the opportunity to come together as educators and share what works for us and what works for the important parts of our jobs, the students!

  3. Happy, Happy, Coni! said:

    We’re thanksful for all you do and make possible for DEN: the comraderie; the sharing of resources; the bonus “gifts” that appear, seemingly out of nowhere;the special invitations; and most of all, the access to anything and everything possible in our quests to be better educators.
    Enjoy your day/time, and know that you are so very much appreciated, nationwide by all of us, AND our students, for all that you accomplish for DEN.

  4. Katie Knapp said:

    Happy Birthday, Coni!! Thank you for bringing this awesome educational resource to us. You are truly a hero!

  5. Melanie Corn said:

    Happy Birthday, Coni!
    Hope you had a great day.
    Thanks for all you do to keep the DEN running smoothly and offer such awesome resources to help our students learn!

  6. Martha Thornburgh said:

    Happy Birthday Coni! I love the DEN. Thanks for your effort and insight into making this a wonderful place for teachers to share, learn, inspire and be inspired.

  7. joe Brennan said:

    Here are some belated video birthday wishes for our DEN mother. We had a DEN team in for IL conference this week: Lance, Scott and Steve. (Hall and Jannita had unselfishly volunteered to cover CA’s CUE). I, however, was busy with the conference and had to lend my camera to Chris Ryan for the actual video taping. I did my best to “fix it in post” and that’s why it’s a day late.

  8. Margo Maust Jantzi said:

    May the celebration of your life continue on the entire month of March. Thanks for your wise leadership of the DEN, a great connection of educators with visionary dreams for making learning real in our classrooms.

  9. Karen C. Seddon said:

    Happy Birthday, Coni. Thanks for keeping the DEN alive. I can’t wait to share the other birthday character with you. Our Debbie DD (Bohanan) will be dressing up as the Cat in the Hat on Monday, 3/5 as she brings all her K-2 students to the Astro Spring Training stadium to celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday. Wish you could be here in sunny Florida with us!

    As always, I am
    Ubiquitously Yours,

  10. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    Happy Birthday Coni! Thank you for all your help and dedication to DEN. 🙂

  11. Ray Waller said:

    HAPPY B-Day congrats and may you be as blessed as we all have been through the DEN. May you, the DEN and what you started never be forgotten!

  12. Deborah Dotson said:

    Happy Birthday Coni! And a BIG thank you for bringing us the DEN. It’s such wonderful resource to help reinforce our teaching.

    Warm regards,
    Deborah Dotson
    Limerick E.S.
    Canoga Park, CA

  13. Hall Davidson said:

    Happy Birthday, boss. Look at all the hugs you got! You have a gift for pulling amazing things together.

  14. Coni Rechner said:

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments.

    I feel very fortunate to have a great team and to have the opportunity to meet so many amazing educators!

  15. Loren Nowak said:

    Hi Coni…Happy Birthday and thanks for bringing us the DEN!

    Loren Nowak

  16. Marie Belt said:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for bringing us the DEN…I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned this year because of it!

  17. Marie Belt said:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for bringing us the DEN…I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned this year because of it!

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