Apparently I’m conducting a ‘suspicious activity’ from the Hilton Hotel.  The Internet connection here will not allow me to upload any files.  I get the ‘suspicious activity’ notice and they knock down the speed to 56k (a return to 1995).  Frustrating, since I want to post the handouts for the four conferences mentioned above.  And forget pictures! You know how suspicious they can be….So I’ll stick to the highlights of the conferences above–where some really cool things happened.  And an interesting time doing four conferences in seven days:

METC -Midwest Education Technology Conference: A good conference in St. Louis with well chosen sessions.  Heavy on podcasting, Dave Warlick noted as he "gave the fifteenth session on podcasting". Worthy of note:  They presented awards for student media productions–the "Show Me" Awards (Missouri, the ‘show me’ state?), sponsored in part by Discovery Education.  They ran the entire presentation from iTunes.  The kids projects were put there, judged there, and presented from there. Cool.

CUE– ComputerUsing Educators: Discovery had a whole room to itself.  Jannita Demian and I did marathon sessions on Media Making, Google Earth, unitedstreaming, iPods in the Classroom, and non-linear PowerPoints.  But the best part of the day for me was sharing during lunch, where we brought in pizza and teachers shared whatever there was to share:  student projects, teacher websites, media contests, and much more.  Great sharing!  Jannita leaned over to me and whispered ‘we have to do this on a webinar…’.  My personal favorites were a great website on videomaking (Ed Hewes’ site, presented by Mr. Sills)  and a fantastic video project made by an autistic student from John Burroughs Middle School.  But everything was great.  More details (and links) when I’m out of the Hilton.

CAG – California Association for the Gifted:There was an event honoring past presidents of the Gifted Association (teachers of the gifted), including old friend Marge Hoctor, at the San Jose Museum of Art, a nicely funded art museum in the heart of Silicon Valley.  All around the museum and especially by significant pieces of art, there were numbers and pictures of iPods and cellphones.  Why? Because the audio tour of the museum and its exhibitions were given via cellphone and iPod.  By calling a number and punching in codes, you heard a tour that included interviewers, commentaries, etc.  So, at a museum. cellphones are not silenced and iPods not taken away.  They are used!  Can schools be far behind?  We are becoming liberated from the "shush" zones, and San Jose is leading the way.  More with links when I leave this East German Hilton (just kidding about East Germany).


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  1. joe Brennan said:

    And we’re supposed to believe your suspicious activities are limited to the Hilton? I did stay in the nicest hotel in East Berlin this summer and a very nice hotel in Prague too. Though air conditionally challenged, when we mobbed their connections things rarely slowed down to the Hilton’s draconian solution to your suspicious activity. Looking forward to the 2007 update of this 1995 post.

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Ha! I am reminded of our geocaching that ended up at a piece of the Berlin Wall outside a Hard Rock cafe. I saw another piece again at the Ripley’s Believe or Not Museum. Just how big was that wall…And what would a speaker of Latin like Joe Brennan know about East Germany, anyway!

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