IL-TCE: De-Icing After a DEN-infused Conference

Cimg1643_smallThis post is coming a day or two (maybe three) late, but I just made it back to PA after spending a week or so in O’Hare 🙂  We had a great time at IL-TCE and were thrilled to see an abundance of STAR Discovery Educators from IL and WI in attendance.  We had a lot of fun, most notably with our stamp game.  It was entertaining to see people run back and forth between our booth and our corporate room searching for Steve Dembo who had the mysterious (or at least elusive) third stamp. 

The sessions in the Discovery Education corporate room were packed.  So packed that we started offering extra sessions.  And then those were packed.  At that point, our friends at IL-TCE helped us control the unitedstreaming-hungry crowds and we offered to post the complete versions of our presentations here.  So, enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.

50 Ways to Integrate unitedstreaming PowerPoint

Download 50_ways_to_integrate_unitedstreaming.ppt

Resources for 50 Ways (may take some time to download…approx. 20 mb)


unitedstreaming and Google Earth (may take some time to download…approx. 16 mb)

Download Usge_v4.ppt


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  1. joe Brennan said:

    Lance, good to see you out on the windy plain west of Chicago. And glad to see that Discovery could be such a dynamic presence, “de icing” on the conference so to speak. Gonna have to find you a bigger room next year!

  2. Matt Monjan said:

    Don’t forget to check out the Implementation blog (Tips and Tricks). It is chock full of handouts that cover everything from downloading and playing CC files to step-by-step instructions for the Assignment, Quiz, or Writing Prompt builders!


  3. Lori A said:

    We’ll figure something out for next year – but someone has to get in the information a lot earlier! Usually need to know by November!! We just finished de- ICing here too and already after a few days of rest, we’re planning for 2008 and 2009!! It was nICE to meet you Lance.

  4. Chris Ryan said:

    Hi Lori, that “someone” would be me and I will start the ball rolling for next years ICE right now!!!

    What a turn out, thank you all for attending! We need at least a Salon room for the unitedstreaming specific presentations next year.

    Thank you to Lance, Scott and Steve for all the help they offered and presentations they hosted!!!

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