"Staggeringly Great" Handouts

Alert!  There are now pdf’s as well as PowerPoints.  If you had trouble, try now. See below.The iPod PowePoint has been updated.

There have been five conferences in seven days and there was no good URL to post the handouts to, at the time, so I will post a permalink to this site from now on for the most up-to-date handouts from the Google Earth Sessions ("Staggeringly Great Things Mixing Media and Google Earth") and the iPod sessions ("MegaVCR:  Media and More in Your Pocket").  So, if you were at ETC, METC, CUE, CAG, or NCCE, here are the handouts.  Actually, these are the PowerPoints which you can take and print as handouts or use as references.  Please also give credit to those who worked on the presentations, whenever possible!  For example, thanks to Cindy Lane for a great GE presentation at METC that featured some great communities. More on that in the next post. Also, all the CUE handouts from the two days of rotating workshops are at http://caden.editme.com/   Following are the PowerPoints and a Word Doc.  These should give you a lot of tools to explore integrating media into education–from iPod or Planet Earth!

Download GoogleEarthMedia.ppt

Download GoogleEarthLessonsCommunities.doc

Download iPod2.ppt

NOTE: For some reason, the PowerPoints downloaded with the Master view open (happened today at NCCE).  Just close the view and you will be fine.  But just in case, here are the handouts as pdf’s. Download GoogleEarthHD.pdf

Download iPodHandout.pdf

Final Note:  These uploads were forbidden at the Hilton in the Midwest (see graphic), but the Doubletree in the Northwest seems to like them better.  In a certain sense, I guess that should make us feel more secure. Interesting that the punishment is slower speed… 🙂



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