Audience participation required: Online polls

I constantly get emails from people trying to figure out a simple way to put polls on their blogs or websites.  Thanks to the world of widgets, I’ve got two new ways for you to do it!

The first is called Quimble, and in less time than it takes to type that, you can have your poll created.  Type in your question, list the answers, click submit and your golden.  I really like the fact that you can create a poll without even registering an account there.  It also gives you a variety of output options including AJAX (shiny), HTML (classic), and a host of other methods.  You can even tweak the CSS to your hearts content to make it look any way you want.  End result?  Like this:

The second polling site that I tried out this week is PollDaddy.  I have to admit, the name hooked me in 🙂  This site is a little more AJAX-y, but it also made the interface slightly less intuitive.  It has more features, like the ability to allow multiple items to be chosen and to block repeat voters.  It also has a plethora of skins to choose from, with all the customization you could want.  However, truth be told it made me think more about things I really didn’t care about and took longer to create.  Oh yeah, and I did need to register before I could create a poll.  So while it does have quite a few more options, more options means more time.  End result?  Like this:


<a href ="" >Take Our Poll</a> from  <a href ="" ></a>

So there you go, two choices for you to play around with.  Have fun!


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  1. Topper said:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the great review. Just an FYI, but Quimble does a decent (but not perfect) job of blocking multiple votes. It’s just not an “option” like it is for polldaddy.

    Anyway – thanks for the writeup. Hope it continues to work really well for you.

  2. Carlene Shortz said:

    I absolutely love the ease of use of both sites. I like polldaddy best because I like the skins-I’m very visual and it appeals to me. Thanks for the info
    Carlene Shortz
    MI and AZ

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