Start your Cameras!

     Though the Indy 500 is still almost three months away, the video contest season is upon us. C-SPAN’s Student Cam Documentary Contest deadline is looming March 30th (see the Feb. 1st post). The International Student Media Festival (Feb. 9th post) is ramping up for its deadline at the end of May. And the National School Board Association’s Student Moviefest in conjunction with their T+L Conference just opened up last week with an April 23rd deadline. Winners get a $1700 travel stipend to the conference in Nashville, October 17-19th.
     Looks like the links from my fall posts analyzing last year’s finalists have changed. However, you can still catch up to those top videos at the T+L site. This year’s theme challenges students to answer the question, “How Can One Person Make a Difference?” with a 60 second PSA (public service announcement). The videos must be created in iMovie or one of the Final Cut programs and uploaded in video podcast format. The complete rules are available in a Word document from the site.
     If you’d like a look at a world changing video by a student, let me point you to a site I draw a lot of inspiration from: the San Fernando Education Technology Team. The “Sweatshops” video from iCan2 got the attention of all the corporations it pointed the finger at and two international conferences that asked permission to use it. There’s an interview with the film makers and SFETT mentor Marco Torres at the George Lucas Education Foundation site that gives the details of the impact of that single student project.


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