EdTechConnect with Doug Johnson

Dougprof EdTechConnect is always one of the highlights of the month for me, because I get the chance to see some of the biggest names in the field of Educational Technology from the comfort of my own desk!  This month, we will be featuring one of my favorite writers (he does so much more than just blogs), and internationally acclaimed presenter, Doug Johnson.


When:  Wednesday, March 21st at 5:00 EST

Topic: Policies 2.0 – Rules for the Social Web
In the radically-changing world of social networking, where an embarrassing photo can travel the globe in seconds, online predators are the topic of nightly news programs, students cite wikis as authoritative sources, and young adults travel as avatars to virtual worlds where anything can happen (and does), what policies do schools need to set and how do they set them? Is today’s AUP sufficient for Web 2.0? How do we not just protect children today, but teach them to protect themselves well into the future?

Who: Doug Johnson has been the Director of Media and Technology for the Mankato Public Schools since 1991 and has served as an adjunct faculty member of Minnesota State University, Mankato since 1990. His teaching experience has included work in grades K-12 in schools both here and in Saudi Arabia. He is the
author of four books: The Indispensable Librarian, The Indispensable
Teacher’s Guide to Computer Skills
, Teaching Right from
Wrong in the Digital Age
and Machines are the Easy Part; People are the Hard Part. His regular columns appear in  Library Media Connection, Leading & Learning magazines and on the
Education World

website, and his articles have appeared in over
forty books
and periodicals. Doug has conducted workshops
and give presentations for over 130 organizations throughout the United States as well as in Malaysia, Kenya, Thailand, Germany, Qatar, Canada, Chili, the UAE and Australia and has held a variety of leadership positions in state and national organizations, including ISTE and AASL.

Don’t forget, we can only seat 200 people for this presentation, so register early!



  1. Nancy White said:

    Will this Webinar be archived? If so – how can it be accessed later? Thanks!

  2. Graham Wegner said:

    An archived version would be great for those of us on the other side of the globe who are faced with the same issues.

  3. Judy O'Connell said:

    I agree with Graham – why not make the webinar available as a podcast, so that many more people can benefit….sirsidynix does a great job making theirs available…isn’t it time the educator network ‘caught up’ with global information dissemination ideas? Cheers.

  4. Steve Dembo said:

    The actual problem is that Webex is extremely proprietary and archiving webinars of watchable quality is pretty challenging. Even using their official software, we wind up with gaps and problems pretty often. Skype has worked in the past, but we’ve had troubles with that as well. Because of issues like that, we’re researching other options that will lend themselves better to recording and rebroadcasting.

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