Great Minds Communicate with Video

     If you’re so smart, why don’t you have your own video contest? Well, a man out here in the northwest suburbs of Chicago does sponsor one to inspire students to take a look at the world right around them and empower them to offer  their opinions and solutions. In the Great Minds Foundation’s own words:
“Many problems in our environment and society do not always receive the attention they deserve in the mass media. With that thought, the Great Minds Foundation, founded by Joe Elias, is launching the Great Minds Video Challenge. Students will inform, inspire and encourage their peers to act responsibly and fulfill their potential. These commercials will promote positive action in a format in which they can relate. Our goal is to encourage students to creatively share their views on specific topics, which affect our community.”
     Every year the entries are shown in each participating high school where the student body votes for their school’s finalists. Those entries are then sent on to a panel of judges to determine the winners of the $1,000, $500, and $250 prizes. This year the challenge is to imagine what you can get out of “a day in…”? That could be a person, place, thing or event. Last year’s PSA’s (public service announcements) are available from the finalists’ site.
     You don’t need a foundation or a national contest to empower and honor the views of your students. You can challenge them to examine and share their thoughts through video or animation in your classroom, school or intradistrict.


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