All CUE-ed Up!

I don’t think Palm Springs will ever be the same after 150 STAR DEN members gathered there to take part in the 2007 Computer Using Educator’s (CUE) Conference.

A HUGE Congratulations to STAR DEN Member Genny Kahlwiess who won California’s Technology Teacher of the Year!  We couldn’t have been prouder when she made her acceptance speech and thanked DEN, in front of the thousands sitting in the audience, for making such a difference in the way she teaches.

Our Discovery Education Room was overflowing on Friday and Saturday as Hall Davidson and I did back to back sessions on everything from Podcasting with Audacity to Movie Maker. CUE attendees had to make a little trek as we were not in the convention center itself, but the bonus was we were able to provide them with lots of treats when they arrived.  People were thrilled and flattered that as they entered they were provided snacks (yes we are talking everything from Chex Mix to Cotton Candy), sodas, and waters.  In fact, many attendees who came, just refused to give up their seat and hung out with us all day!  We LOVED it!  Perhaps the best part of the day was during lunch when 20 teachers stayed, we ordered pizza, and turned our room into a collaborative sharing session. Teachers took the stage and talked about projects they were working on, their class websites, and much more. For handouts on these sessions visit

Hats off to over a dozen DEN members who also gave some great sessions.  I’ll attach their session guides to give other STAR DEN members ideas on the different types of sessions you can also present at your state conferences.

The Grand Finale for DEN at CUE this year was a terrific Geo-Caching event that occurred on Friday night.  Just imagine for a moment, 120 STAR DEN members and their guests, pouring out of a conference room equipped with flashlights (my personal favorite flashlight was Mark Bantle’s who’s was actually attached to his hat… wish I had a picture of that!), a bag of supplies, and 14 different caches to find in one hour.  There wasn’t a doubt that DEN was in the house as they split in small groups and went in what seemed like a hundred different directions, laughing, running, but most importantly networking with new friends.  Each cache contained a different question and STAR DEN members were given an MP3 player to record their answers.  How would you respond to these questions… What is a piece of technology that you can’t live without?  What is a myth you would like to see busted on MythBusters? What is your favorite piece of technology and how do you use it with your students?  Stay tuned for some of their responses. A HUGE thanks to STAR DEN member Burt Lo for all his help in setting up this special event!

Genny_teacher_of_the_yearAngelica_and_kerri_cache Group_podcast Caching_groupTeam5geocacheHighland_huddle Dinner Lining_up Saddleback Kat Jan_1

The following 3 photos are a result of leaving my camera unattended with STAR DEN members… so here’s to that naughty group 🙂



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  1. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Looks like it was a blast! I want to send a big congrats to the Grant team from Fontana! I heard that your presentation was fabulous! You all rock!!!

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