NCCE 2007: Agents of Change

No rest for the weary… after Hall and I finished up CUE we boarded the planes and headed north for the Northwest Council For Computer Education (NCCE) conference held in Spokane, WA.

We kicked things off here with a gathering of STAR DEN members at the Mead School District.  Special thanks to Kim Montecucco for setting this up.  We took time to learn a few more tools and share some of our thoughts for what we’d like to do with DEN next.  Videoconferencing and epals came up.  We’d love to brainstorm with you about different ways to get our STAR DEN members connected with other STAR DEN members around the nation.

Still not off my high from the CUE geo-caching event, I was thrilled when I walked into registration and found an entire team who had created a Geo-Caching "Mission Assignment" to go with the theme of Agents of Change… a James Bond 007 spin.  Glenn Malone, no doubt a future STAR DEN member, headed up this section with a team of local "cachers" who actually took time off of their work to help set this up for the teachers! 

Later that evening we gathered for a festive dinner, where we all encountered perhaps the most deliciously disgusting dessert we had ever had.  Hall said it looked like a brain… other’s just couldn’t find the words to describe this deep fried ice cream desert that had been rolled in Oreo cookies and was covered in caramel.  Thanks to Jennifer Gingerich for helping organize this great networking opportunity!

Most exciting of the trip was seeing our STAR DEN members present and share great session tips in the hallways during the passing period.  A HUGE Congratulations to STAR DEN member Martha Thornburg for winning a $10,000 grant!

Thanks to our great DEN group from WA and OR for making this a great trip!


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