Nonlinear surprise at NCCE – The DEN has been talking about and demonstrating nonlinear PowerPointsDEN member Tim Chase presented a session at the Northwest Council for Computer Education–and everyone thought it was done in iMovie.  But surprise, the panels and buttons were all action buttons and action objects in PowerPoint.  Another great way to do PowerPoint without linear tyranny.  Also at NCCE, lots of DEN Member blue ribbons–at one presentation, DEN members said "we’re the blue team" and they were there to help. Which they did.  DEN members manned the majority of the "ASK ME" stations at CUE, the week before, and it was great to see so many at NCCE. the end, when badges were collectedDenbadgencce, even in the very green northwest there were DEN ribbons that didn’t hang with their owners.  For the participants looking for handouts, here again is the permalink to the GoogleEarth and iPod sessions.  Along with the fantastic Washington state scenery and non-stop geocaching, there were interesting bits of Hollywood.  In the picture, northwest native and DEN meister Jennifer Gingerich shows off the digital picture of her being fooled by snow in downtown Spokane.  After telling a DEN dinner gathering about the snow that morning, she discovered that it was instead a Lifetime movie being shot– a Christmas movie in March that brought its own snow (and film crew).Gingsnow  Jannita, who was fooled by Pennsylvania snow scrapers had her revenge when she pointed out fake frozen water to Jennifer.  By the way, when you check that link for Jannita’s backscratcher, check out the great resources for unitedstreaming at the implementation blog.  Great stuff.

I’m home now, and can catching up on posted insights gained from a fantastic (if grueling) three weeks of conferences and sharing.  One good tip if you are presenting iPods in front of 100 people:  If it hangs, you reset by pressing and holding down the Menu and Center (Select) buttons simultaneously.  Repeat if necessary (like shampoo).  Also, if video only shows as a tiny picture, go to Video Settings and turn TV Out to off.  I think somebody came to a session just for that one.  Next time, the best from CUE!


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