I'm Back…

I didn’t really make an announcement here, but I’ve been pretty much incognito for the past few weeks. My wife and I took the plunge and became homeowners for the second time in our lives. BIG step for us. It’s a beautiful house in a great location (7 minutes from my new school!) So if you all were wondering where Tom’s run off to, well there you have it. I’ve also simulposted most, if not all, of this on my personal blog as well. I just wanted everyone to be aware  since some of you might not know my Seeking the Wisdom of the Ages blog.

As of last night I’m officially connected again to the world of web 2.0. I’m very much surprised that I didn’t break down into convulsions over the weekend by not being able to check my email, blogs, chat with my friends, etc. Just goes to show how important something as small as a little box with blinking lights is important to people.

House update for those that were in the know. We are in, boxes are everywhere!! How can four people accumulate so much stuff??? I’ve set up my office (just need to put the fan up, darn it’s hot in here!), complete with a wireless LAN to provide access from around the house. The living room and kitchen are painted, along with necessary wallpaper accents put up. I’d say in another 6 months everything will be done! I, of course, hope it’s sooner then that!

Between all of the moving I was able to host my first training session to my school yesterday. Thanks very much to Virginia Richard for coming to my school to explain the goodness of video on demand applications to the classroom teacher. It still intrigues me that some teachers have never seen places like unitedstreaming, where at their fingertips they have the ability to take advantage of as many teachable moments as possible. I think the most telling question that I had from the entire 1 1/2 hour training session was from the entire kindergarten team (all 13 of them asked this at the same time!). As close to verbatim as I can get, it went like this, “Now Mr. Turner. Just how important is something like this unitedstreaming thing for us Kindergarten teachers? Will we actually be able to use this thing?” I just had to sit back with a smile, while during Virginia’s presentation I heard the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ coming from the group. We didn’t want to overwhelm them in one day, so we basically just left it with the basics of logging in, searching by benchmark and subject area. At that point I knew we were starting to lose some of them (I won’t go into the lack of professionalism by some which amazed me still). But for the most part everyone left with learning something new. Next up is learning how to use these video applications in the classroom. Can we say Inspiration, Photostory, or MovieMaker? Not yet, but soon I hope!


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