DEN National Institutes: Summer 2007

Group_spiritThey’re back!  Last summer we sponsored a series of wildly popular DEN institutes across the country and we’re ready to do it again. 

We are pleased to announce the DEN National Institutes for Summer 2007.

Discovery Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD
June 18-22

Bahamas Cruise, leaving from Port Canaveral, FL
July 14-19

University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
August 6-10

Okay, have you caught your breath yet?  Good.  Let’s get to some of the details. 

This year STAR Discovery Educators can apply to any, or all, of the national institutes.  However, if you are selected you will only be able to attend one.

The national institutes will once again focus on bringing STAR Discovery Educators together for intensive professional development opportunities in fun, collaborative environments.  Each national institute will accept up to 50 STAR Discovery Educators selected based upon the responses provided in the applications. 

Lodging and meals will be covered by the Discovery Educator Network (see FAQs for more details).  All travel costs to and from the institute, in addition to a $100 registration fee, are the responsibility of the STAR Discovery Educator.


March 16
DEN National Institutes Announced – Applications Open

April 13    
Deadline for applications

April 20   
Applicants notified

April 27   
Deadline for accepted applicants to RSVP

May  11   
Registration fee due

If you’re interested in applying, download the application below.  When completed, submit your application to

Download national_app.doc

For more information, please download the FAQs document. 

Download den_national_institutes_faqs.pdf

We hope to see you this summer!  Good luck and let us know if you have any questions by posting a comment to the blog. 


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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Wow! What an opportunity. Thanks for giving us the chance to get together in some great spots around the country. Can’t wait to see if I get accepted! Teryl

  2. Tim Childers said:

    You can expect my application over the weekend! Tim

  3. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    I just sent my application in! WHOO HOO!

  4. Katie Knapp said:

    Yeah!! Can’t wait to hear! Last year’s Summer Leadership Institute was an awesome experience.

  5. Anne Truger said:

    My application is on it’s way too!Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I was accepted last year and had to bow out, so I am crossing my fingers this year..Good Luck to All!


  6. Christy Keeler said:

    Will graduate credit be offered to participants? If not, would you like me to look into offering graduate credit through UNLV?

    Also, are there expectations (other than participation) during or following the institute (e.g., keepign a journal, creating teaching materials/units/lessons, presenting at conferences)?

  7. Lance said:

    We are looking into graduate credit already, but thanks Christy for the offer to help. The expectations of attendees at the institute will include completing a team project during the time there. As for post-institute follow through, the expectations are the same for all STARs…SHARE what you know!

  8. Suzanne Wesp said:

    I am filling out my application this weekend. Sounds like a great opportunity for growing and sharing.

  9. Jovita Davis said:

    This seems like a wonderful opportunity for learning. I’m filling out my application and looking forward to finding out whether or not I’m accepted.

  10. Keith Schroeder said:

    What an awesome opportunity for us again! I’m working on my app. as soon as I finish posting! Everyone should apply.

  11. Maria Aguilera-Marquez said:

    WOW! Another great opportunity to learn more and be albe to share with others! What more can we ask for, a great part of being a DEN STAR!

  12. darcy said:

    is there a confirmation that our application was received…i did it the same day i got the “alert,” but would like to know before April, that is was received…
    thanks a bunch!

  13. Crystal Nelson said:

    I am excitied to see other DEN members and share ideas. I am so glad to have these wonderful opportunities!

  14. Crystal Nelson said:

    I am excitied to see other DEN members and share ideas. I am so glad to have these wonderful opportunities!

  15. Cindy Green said:

    Last summer in Dallas was a BLAST! I hope I get to go again this year, and thanks for the opportunity! My application has already been sent.

  16. Martha Thornburgh said:

    Thanks for sending a confirmation that my application had been received. Don’t want to take any chances on missing this one. Looks like a great opportunity.

  17. Cindy Carson said:

    Just submitted my application!!! What a fabulous opportunity! Can’t wait to hear back… I look forward to the chance to meet more amazing DEN members and learn from their experiences!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  18. Suzanne Wesp said:

    I just posted my application. I can’t wait to hear! I hope I get this opportunity.

  19. Susan Plack said:

    Just sent my application in! I am really excited about the program!

  20. Dean Mantz said:

    Are there plans for any of the bigger DEN events to be held in Kansas or within the neighboring states? My Board of Education and Superintendent are very tight with funding for conferences. I would truly enjoy participating in some events, especially since I just joined in October. Please let me know if there are plans so I can start the ground work for approval. Thanks!

  21. Jennifer Turney said:

    Like Dean, I’m in a funding crunch. All the events planned in Texas recently have been too far away for me to justify attending for a day or an evening. (and have to take off work) or, if they’re close have been scheduled for times that I’d never be able to make it for–again because of the distance.

    I’d love to attend the national conferences, but the funding’s the issue.

  22. Carole Gooden said:

    Last year’s national conference was simply awesome. Meeting and working with so many creative people was a priceless opportunity. I am fascinated by the idea of working with DEN members on a cruise. This is definitely taking digital learning to a new level. Just the thought of seeing my native, incredibly blue Caribbean Sea again, after so many years, is enough to have me almost salivating!!!

  23. Sandy Prigger said:

    Sent my application in– After two wonderful days with AFI, I’m hoping I have the opportunity to be with all my new friends I met at Sea World. One very special opportunity. I’m hoping for another chance to experience the best learning opportunity in the world– Sandy

  24. Louise McGinnis said:

    The 20th seems to be taking forever to get here. This ought to be a wonderful way to learn new things and to share with colleagues.

  25. Selena Ward said:

    I know what you mean Louise by saying the 20th seems so far away! Being a fairly new star member it is so exciting to think I could be spending part of my summer with other STAR members. I hope, hope, hope I get picked! Also can’t wait to see other members at MICCA after twisting my principal’s arm to let me go.

  26. Tracy Selock said:

    I’m waiting on pins and needles! I am so hoping I get chosen. Pick me, pick me:)

  27. Donna Criswell said:

    The national conference was awesome, wasn’t it? It was so nice sharing a cab ride with you too! Wouldn’t it be fun to share a room on the boat? 🙂

  28. RJ Stangherlin said:

    What a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, and share. Last year’s vacation plans conflicted with the Institute, but with 3 opportunities, as always with DEN, the possibilities are unlimited. Thank you so much for this chance to preview and pioneer emerging technologies.

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