What an Incredible Night!

GroupLast night, I had the honor of accompanying ten STAR Discovery Educators, representing five states, to the world premier of Planet Earth.  Held at the American Museum of Natural History, the Planet Earth premier gave Discovery Educators an opportunity to see our planet as it had never been seen before.  Filmed in over 200 locations, Planet Earth is a high definition television event five years in the making and we were among the first in the world to see it.

But even before we watched this incredible new program, we had a chance to meet some Carmindy of Discovery’s biggest stars, including Rabbi Shmuley from Shalom in the Home and Carmindy Bowyer from TLC’s What not to Wear

Special thanks to all the Discovery Educators that made this a truly memorable experience!


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  1. Patty McGee said:

    This was an incredible event, and so informative as well. Besides rubbing elbows with my favorite TLC and Law and Order stars, I learned so much from the other DEN members. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Patty McGee

  2. Michelle Krill said:

    Planet Earth will be great on the small screen, but was truly amazing on the big screen! This was an experience I won’t soon forget. I wish I had my picture with Carmaindy 🙂

  3. Heather Sullivan said:

    I can’t think of a better way to get over “humpday”! Wed. night was a wonderful experience…I’m only sorry I got stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel (what else is new) & didn’t get to spend much time with my fellow DEN members before the big event.

    All’s well that ends well, though! The 1st episode was AMAZING! I agree with Patty that although it will be wonderful on the small screen, I only wish all of my students could have the opportunity to see the ENTIRE series on the same grand scale as we were afforded!

    So much of the success of this series lies in the Wonderful Imagery- something that we will definately have to take advantage of in our classrooms (Thanks, Matt Monjan for all of your great ideas & for sharing your tools!)

    I can’t wait for the next great DEN event AND for the next episode of Planet Earth…

  4. Kathy Dziok said:

    Last night was an amazing experience of a lifetime. The wonderful work and photography expertise using the newest technology in the filming of this series was incredible. I really hope we can have a webinar with some of the people involved in the production of this exciting masterpiece! There are so many great activities on the website already and on premiere night, March 25, there is an interactive online activity to go along with the show. Check out the website! And thank you again so much for this really wonderful opportunity! I am looking forward to incorporating this into our curriculum and getting the students excited about it! I agree with Heather that I do wish our students were able to see it the same way we did. What an amazing experience! Patty, good thing you were with us so that we were able to recognize everyone attending!:)

  5. Tracy Selock said:

    “Ditto” to all comments. What an unbelievable evening. My students were so excited to see the photos of my evening and now they can’t wait for the television premier of Planet Earth. Thanks to all.

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