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Thought it was wise to repost this over here in case someone missed it over on the National Blog. Having attended last summer’s National Institute in Silver Spring, MD, this is something VERY worth attending. Many of the people I met last summer I keep in contact with today. It’s a great networking tool to meet many new and exciting people!

DEN National Institutes: Summer 2007

back!  Last summer we sponsored a series of wildly popular DEN
institutes across the country and we’re ready to do it again. 

We are pleased to announce the DEN National Institutes for Summer 2007.

Discovery Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD
June 18-22

Bahamas Cruise, leaving from Port Canaveral, FL
July 14-19

University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
August 6-10

Okay, have you caught your breath yet?  Good.  Let’s get to some of the details. 

This year STAR Discovery Educators can apply to any, or all, of the
national institutes.  However, if you are selected you will only be
able to attend one.

The national institutes will once again focus on bringing STAR
Discovery Educators together for intensive professional development
opportunities in fun, collaborative environments.  Each national
institute will accept up to 50 STAR Discovery Educators selected based
upon the responses provided in the applications. 

Lodging and meals will be covered by the Discovery Educator Network
(see FAQs for more details).  All travel costs to and from the
institute, in addition to a $100 registration fee, are the
responsibility of the STAR Discovery Educator.


March 16
DEN National Institutes Announced – Applications Open

April 13    
Deadline for applications

April 20   
Applicants notified

April 27   
Deadline for accepted applicants to RSVP

May  11   
Registration fee due

If you’re interested in applying, download the application below.  When completed, submit your application to

Download national_app.doc

For more information, please download the FAQs document. 

Download den_national_institutes_faqs.pdf

We hope to see you this summer!  Good luck and let us know if you have any questions by posting a comment to the blog. 


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  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other educators and learn what wonderful things are going on in the rest of the world. I highly recommend you apply for this wonderful opportunity.

  2. i'm so excited!!!!! said:

    Well, as i got this email today i was bummed that i’m already attending an Economics conference in Denver during the Bahamas cruise…but maybe you’re not ready for me in a bathing suit, anyhow!

    But give a shout out if you’re interested in attending CA!!

    Love to see folks from last summer…and anyone interested in CA in August- best weather in the nation, i think…and the company will be FABULOUS!!!!

  3. Tom Turner said:

    Well that will stink not being able to see you. I’m hoping since I’m only 30 minutes from Port Canaveral I can be one of the lucky ones.

  4. darcy said:

    i’ll be in HOTLANTA for NECC in mid-June,24-27…r u going?
    that could be a really FUN DEN reunion for all the close east-coasters!

    just a thought!

    and check this out, my better half offered to buy my flight to NYC for that planet earth preview…couldn’t take the school time off, though~

    think about NECC
    let me know…planning a fun summer of conferences…and then we’e going to Seattle, at the end, too!
    ~will miss seeing you, 2!

  5. Tom Turner said:

    I’m still waiting on my admins on whether or not NECC will happen for me or not. He just has to ink the PO and I’m so there!

  6. NECC... said:

    my PO for registration is getting done when we get back from break ( a week from now), then if approval for airfare goes thru, i’ll but that and get reimbursed…finding a place to stay that’s affordable, that’s the hard part.
    i may crash in a (corporate)friend’s room!

  7. Janet said:

    I attended a cruise forum for Florida Distinguished Teachers before and we had a blast! This is the greatest way to go. All entertainment and food is provided. We really had fun as we worked.

  8. Wendy Norton said:

    I have been lucky enough to attend many events sponsored by DEN. Each event has taught me soooo much. The collaboration with other members always leads to new ideas for my classroom. These events are great opportuniites for STAR members.

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