DEN National Institutes

Just in case you haven’t visited the DEN National blog recently and haven’t checked your e-mail . . .

DEN has announced the three locations of the much anticipated summer institutes

  • Discovery Headquarters, Silver Spring, MD
    June 18-22
  • Bahamas Cruise, leaving from Port Canaveral, FL
    July 14-19
  • University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
    August 6-10

I had the opportunity to attend the Northeast Regional Institute in Valley Forge, PA, last summer.  I walked away totally energized, which, as most teachers know, is tough to manage over the lazy months of summer.  I was so inspired by the amazing educators with whom I shared the [rainy] experience that I totally reinvented my professional practice this school year.   I left Valley Forge empowered to tackle podcasting, blogs, and wikis

So, if you are a STAR who wants to share an invigorating week with inspiring educators from across the country this summer, visit the DEN National Blog to learn how to apply.


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  1. Lance said:

    I just had to comment as your post brought back fond memories of driving to King of Prussia for dinner since the power was completely wiped out at FFVF. Despite the weather, it was a really amazing experience with an really incredible and patient group of STAR DEs. And, Jen, you are doing a great job with the PA blog!

  2. Chris Champion said:

    Wow… I was so interested in doing the Silver Spring session (esp after hearing about it from many DEN members), but I’m doing NECC the very next day after this ends 🙁 Guess I’ll have to miss this again. See you all in 2008?

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