DEN Spring Training

It’s that time of year when the DEN coaches start looking at potential prospects for next year’s All-STAR team.  Do you have what it takes?

Every year STAR Discovery Educators are asked to report at least two events they have conducted in the past school year in order to have their contracts renewed for the following season (i.e., maintain STAR status for next school year). 

So, grab a bag of sunflower seeds and your laptop and show us what you’ve got. 

Report your events from this school year (starting September 1, 2006) by visiting the DEN Events Reporting Site.

What is an event?

Download what_is_an_event.pdf

Need some new equipment?  Order a training kit by visiting the DEN Training Kits Site.

STARs who have a good Spring Training and report at least three events by June 1 will get an officially licensed DEN baseball cap.  See our lovely model to the left.

If you need some ideas, don’t worry, the DEN coaching staff is here to help.  We are putting together a great lineup of webinars for April.

Good luck!  If you have any questions, please feel to have your agent contact us.


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  1. Tracy Standhart said:

    How can we find out what we have reported already this year?
    Is there a confirmation when an event is reported?

  2. spring training... said:

    i wonder the same as Tracy…is there a log for us?
    i did 3 (unitedstreaming/DEN)presentations at 2 state tech conferences and one district social studies one…with another 2 on the horizon…
    i think i entered the 3 “dates” – but how to be sure?
    that would be great, to know!

    feel bad enough i didn’t “win” a hooded sweatshirt…

  3. Patty McGee said:

    Since I just became a STAR, do the events I held to become a STAR count? Or, do I need two more by June?

  4. Kim R said:

    Yeah, I turned in all my events for the year end in Dec. 06, so do I need to turn all of those in again and then the ones thus far for 07? Can we find out what we’ve already turned in?

  5. Lance said:

    Good questions. We are working on getting the info to you. Right now, you can see the events you reported after you report a new event, but that isn’t quite what we want 🙂 We’ll get it for you.

    As for Patty’s question…if you became a STAR this school year your STAR status carries over to next year. If you were a STAR prior to the beginning of the 2006-2007 SY, then you need to report those two events to keep STAR status.

  6. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Do I need to report ones I already reported this school year? I reported a bunch prior to Dec. Or do you just want the ones since then?

  7. Marie Belt said:

    I have posted my 3 events, but wonder if I should post more? I have lots of different things I could post, but don’t know if this is necessary…Is there any reason to post more than the 3 required events?

  8. Lance said:

    Hi, Marie.

    Absolutely, post all the events you have done. One of the DEN’s goals is to attempt to measure the overall reach of the community. So, the more the better.

  9. Teryl Magee said:

    Same question as the others…how do I know what I have reported already? Lance, can you send me an e-mail of what I have already reported, too? I’m sure there is a lot of I haven’t posted. Thanks!

  10. Martha Thornburgh said:

    Same question… I reported events up through December. Was easy to post 3 events for just the month of March. I’m hoping that now that this is up, I can just make a habit of posting the events from now on and know that the others have already been recorded. Thanks for getting all these details worked out and making it easier to report.

  11. Kimberly Mattingly said:

    I posted more than 3 events already. I have more coming next month. 🙂

  12. Beth Weeks said:

    I got my info from this email:

    If you want to track your stats (i.e., you don’t remember which events you reported) send an email to and write “DEN Events” in the subject line.

  13. Paula Schmidt said:

    Ok then, I’ll look forward to recieving my ball cap and I shall wear it proudly along with my Science Lab coat….Wow,will I stand out.

  14. Chris Boyles said:

    When do we get the prizes for the LAST training event??????

    I am still waiting for a sweatshirt, size XXL. I hosted several events and introduced United Streaming to well over 40 teachers.
    The gift was promised to arrive to me before December. I contacted you after you “shifted” your staff, and you promised I would receive it. But I still have not gotten it …..

    There are other teachers in my school district who are waiting for prizes from last year as well.

    If you are out of sweatshirts, I will take a lab coat.

  15. Liz Winslow said:

    I also would like to know how to check if my reported events turned in by Dec 06 are still counted, and if there is a way to double check to see that they are there/exist?

  16. darcy said:

    FYI, some of us may be out of school when you send the “hats.”
    6045 W Chandler, Suite 13, #112
    Chandler, AZ 85226
    (mailing address)thanks~

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