How to love setting up conferences!

I don’t know about many of
the readers of this blog, but I just finished my mid-year conferences. Where I teach, we have to send home letters
for each appointment, collect the parent confirmations and report the entire
conference time sheet to the office for recordation. And of course there’s always a bunch of times
that parents can’t make it, so we then have to switch them. Wouldn’t it be easier if a computer could do
all this for us?

Enter The Parent
Conferencer, the free, web-based tool created by our own DEN member Greg
Gorman. Unfortunately, I found out about
this tool after my last conference, but I definitely bookmarked the website for
next year. 

This online tool is highly
useful for setting up your conferences, printing confirmations and reminders in
English or Spanish, changing times and more. There’s a great
tutorial page
here. Go to to sign up
for a free account and get started. There
are other great components you can check out on the website as well. They are fee-based, but worth exploring if
you’re a primary teacher looking to streamline your assessment and instruction.


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  1. Katie Warren said:

    This looks great, Dave. Nice find! I would have loved this tool when I was in the classroom doing student-led conferences.

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