AFI Dallas International Film Festival

AFI Dallas International Film Festival

I spent the day attending the AFI Lights, Camera, Education institute at the film festival in Dallas.  It was amazing!  As with so many Discovery events, I learned so much more than I thought I could in just a few hours and the day flew by!  We started the day with basic filming and gradually progressed into more technical aspects.  Tomorrow, we’ll go into even more depth.  We got lots of exercise — parking was a couple blocks away, and there was an elevator malfunction in there, but it was worth it!  Lance Rougeux wrapped up the day with a surprise showing of Planet Earth, the new film from Discovery which premieres on March 25.  It was awesome and a perfect way to end the day!  Look for more tomorrow — in the meantime, download the AFI video series on unitedstreaming!


Collaboration at the Institute

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  1. Beth said:

    Hey! Who could have thought I would learn so much from doing a video tape of a door!!! haha!!! This is awesome training!!! Can’t wait to learn more tomorrow!

  2. Howard said:

    Is Discovery going to foot the bill for psych services for all the teachers who are now scared of doors?? Ha!!

    This is a great training resource. Thanks!

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