Independent Evaluation

     This was going to be a podcast with the voices of my fellow AFI attendees from last week’s training with DEN members in L.A. What better evaluation than to get the students’ eye view from a bunch of educators? However, it’s going to take a while longer to stitch those sound bites together. In the mean time, while I was digging a little deeper at the AFI site for a handout I’m making for a digital storytelling panel in a few weeks, I found this independent report on the impact of AFI’s Screen Ed program.
     I am happy, proud, even smug to report that there isn’t much new here for me and probably not for you either if you’ve been making videos with your students. And I experienced just about all of the same things last year working with senior citizens on telling their stories in my former district. But it’s great to have this codified. If you are trying to move your staff, school or district further along in the digital storytelling department, this report is some first class ammunition. And if that’s not enough for you, maybe I can put you in touch with some 21st century storytellers who were born during Prohibition.
     Here are a few more shots of DEN members in action during the AFI training.
Img_1676   Img_1704


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