Who are We?

We are your new Texas Leadership Council, and we are a diverse group of people from different areas of the state.  We are just getting the council off the ground and will most likely be asking for your help in the weeks to come.  Your council consists of:

Chair:  Linda Rush, Dallas

Events Coordinator:  Karen Law, Mansfield ISD, Region 11

Blog Coordinator (that’s me!): Elaine Plybon, Irving ISD

Events Planner:Judith Valle, Canutillo ISD

Events Planner:  Beth Weeks, Sherman ISD

Events Planner:  Howard Martin, Austin ISD

Events Planner:  Ann Jablonski, Pasadena ISD

Events Planner: Lori Reed, Region 16

Events Planner: Kim Murphree, Mansfield ISD, Region 11


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  1. Beverly Plein said:

    Congratulations on the formation of your Leadership Council…I look forward to reading all about your great adventures!

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    Welcome TX LC! They say BIG things come from Texas… so I know we can expect some GREAT things to evolve! Congrats!

  3. Jackie Deluna said:

    I would like to welcome everyone to the Texas DEN LC. Our leadership council has now been formed and we are up and running big and strong as Texans do! If you would like to participate in the Texas DEN LC contact me at:
    We look forward to hearing from Ya’LL!

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