Blogger's Block! (Dedicated to Steve Hodgin)

Posting on Monday was no problem.  Tuesday had me scratching my head.  On Wednesday and Thursday time sensitive projects took first priority.  And here we are on Friday and I’m scratching my head again…what to post…what to post…

I think I’ve hit a wall.  Can Bloggers suffer from Blogger’s Block?  If so I think I am suffering from a wee bit of it.

I can tell you that I’m really excited for next week’s blogs!

Next week’s blogs will tackle questions posed by Debbie Bohanan’s (DEN FLORIDA) 4th grade class.  Questions like:
How did the [Planet Earth] camera men feel having to film for 35 hours straight?
How come the snow leopards can’t survive in warm weather?

Why does the Vampire Squid’s name mean "vampire squid from hell"?
How did they know how to find the animals for filming, and know what they’d be doing?

Next week we’ll also talk about one of my favorite non-official holidays, April Fools – look out pranksters, and a few other topics yet-to-be named.

But sigh, this week, well this week will just have to be chalked up to Blogger’s Block.

Talk to you soon,

Matt Monjan,
Discovery Education, unitedstreaming


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One Comment;

  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    We are so excited about our upcoming chat! They kids were very anxious to see the first episode. The clips and website were incredible.

    My three year old son and I have watched the first episode together. He was very interested and yelled at the t.v. for the prey to run away. He thought the Great White Shark was very scary. I never realized they would jump completely out of the water to catch a seal.

    I’m sure I have missed several questions on the interactive site so I have to say goodbye. Check out the Florida blog on Monday find out the answers to our questions.

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