AFI Film Institute – Dallas – Day Two

Pict0026_7AWESOME is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the training that just finished at the AFI Film Institute’s Lights, Camera, Education! at SMU.  During Day Two, we revisited our projects for the rough edit and final cuts.  We ended up with a really cool product that we can be proud of.  You can watch "Flash" here.

Making a video was described as being like a writing project.  You have to have preparation time (storyboarding), rough draft (first shots), revision (refilming scenes, changing lighting, etc.), and the completed product (final cut).  No wonder it’s called video storytelling!

I learned too much to put in just one blog post, so check future posts from guest bloggers who’ll have a different perspective.  In the meantime, comment on this post if you attended — let everyone in Texas know what a great tool screen education can be!


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  1. Diedre Cook said:

    This was amazing. I am so glad I was able to take part in the AFI Institute. I never thought I could learn so much useful information from a workshop. I look forward to more DEN workshops.

  2. Howard said:

    I posted comments (all great) from our group while still in Dallas. Somehow they aren’t posted. Oops. Sufice it to say that we found it very valuable to go through the experience as students and leave with the resources to repeat the training at home. Great workshop!

    Group 3 (Hank, Sharon, Miloo, and Howard) had a fun time learning so much about the filming process. Our film, “The Door” can be seen at:

  3. Beth Weeks said:

    Once again… GREAT workshop!! Glad I came!
    I am glad also to see the videos being placed out there for all to see…. are you still dreaming about THE DOOR??? haha!!!!
    Keep blogging.. it is great to hear from everyone again… what should we do next?????

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