Mining Web Media from TV: Planet Earth

There is a dialog going on at the bottom of the previous post about virtual librarians.  Don’t let it get pushed back.

PeTerrific Media Online!  There are great video treasures often posted without fanfare by "old media" companies. No better example is out there than what is posted for the Discovery Channel’s digital blockbuster Planet Earth.  The traditional program airs March 25 (and be sure to catch it.  DEN members at previews say it is mind-blowing!)  But in addition to the cable series, there is aGoogleearthgame_2  great site online with habitat and animal videos, a Google Earth tour with a Discovery layer, and even a Planet Earth game, where students take the role of producer to outfit, budget, and shoot episodes by managing seven film crews.  Also, an "animal match" game (Concentrate!). I spent a huge amount of time just flipping through the information, images, and video of Vampiresquid animals.  My favorite, from the Deep Ocean Habitat–the Vampire Squid, the last of its order–sort of the opaque projector of animals.  To find information and videos, go to the home page of the online Planet Earth site.  You’ll be shown a video player.  Or click on the background behind the player and hit one of the interactive animals. You’ll go to where the videos Maphight and images live.  Take that, YouTube!  There are lots of media online, and if blog comments merit, I’ll post some from all over the place.  Newspapers send a photographer across the globe to take rolls of film, then put one image in the paper–and sometimes put the rest online.  Digital media companies, like Discovery, will spend years acquiring hundreds of hours of film to cut down to television episodes–and then share more online.  Keep an eye on the site.  Some of your favorite stuff may be there.  Watch for more sites–or post your favorites in the comments below.  For the record:  Planet Earth begins Sunday, March 25, 8 PM Eastern and Pacific Time.  And online across the Net..


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  1. Martha Thornburgh said:

    Thanks for sharing the Wikipedia article about rolls of film… I had almost forgotten what the stuff was…:) I have shared all the neat Planet Earth goodies with my students and look forward to the program tonight.

  2. Hall Davidson said:

    Thanks, Martha. I’m glad you appreciated that. What I really wanted was a picture of an opaque projector, but I couldn’t find a copyright-free one in time. Those things were tanks!. And, yes, the role of film (there’s a pun in there).

  3. Mark Hall said:

    Lots of great information in this post! Especially liked the Planet Earth game, spent way too much time playing that one. Hope to share that one with my students. I can see some team competition. Thanks for the great post.

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