Quiet on the Set

Lights, Camera, Action… I mean Education!   35 of DEN members from every region in CA (a huge hooray to those who flew down from way up north to join us!) and even a special out of state guest, pulled in to the American Film Institute’s Los Angeles campus on March 16th for a 2 day institute that would transform them from teacher, to student, to film producer! 

I won’t give too many details away as I am sure that each of them will want to share their favorite part with you, but I will say that this had to be one of the most dynamic and diverse groups we have had gather for such a training.  Hardly any of these members knew each other from prior events, but they came together from every region, all grade levels, as well as varying ability levels. They completed tasks, shared ideas, but most importantly learned from each other… proving once again that you are each other’s best resources!

Of course, a training wouldn’t be complete without a little celebrating!  STAR DEN members also had the opportunity to enjoy desserts and drinks at THE Hall Davidson’s home.  Randy Kolset even gave personalized scuba lessons from the pool. Those brave enough were able to dive down and watch videos from Hall’s underwater iPod!

Special thanks to our friends at AFI… Frank, Mitch, Bob, and Marty and to all who came together to make this event a huge success!

Click on the picture below to scroll through photos from our event.


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  1. Sandy Prigger said:

    Wonderful experience with ‘DOOR #1’ We opened it and knew at once without even talking what we as a team would filming for our 90 second video. The sound was easy, the plan was set into motion. A great actor with all the right moves, a cameraman who knew his stuff,and a crew that worked together. The green group really did have fun using water bottles, keys and the potty-
    Just want to thank everyone for a wonderful experience. I have so much to learn, but when you are working with the best you learn quicker.
    Sandy Prigger Truman Middle SDC 6th grade-

  2. Brett Harvey said:

    AFI has put together a truly cool and fun program. Screen Education taps into the visual storyteller in all of us. You have to experience this program to see its true value. And my group, Big Blue Productions put together one of the best films! Lots of fun. Next year I think my Sports Medicine students will make some Body Story films – looking forward to it already.
    Brett Harvey – high school Kinesiology and AP Biology

  3. joe Brennan said:

    What a great experience with such creative people. AFI really has put together an excellent program. Thanks for all that WARM California hospitality. And Kim and Carol Anne, it was downright hot out there!!!

  4. Sue Baker said:

    Wow! What an exciting weekend! It was an incredible training, to be taught by real film makers in the industry on a campus with a rich history. And let’s not forget the amazing group of educators that I got to be around. Thanks everyone for making me feel so comfortable even though I didn’t know anyone until this weekend. I hope to see more of you at DEN events. If you haven’t taken the AFI training, don’t miss out on the next one. You’ll see your classroom in a new way, maybe through a view finder.

  5. Tonya Wilson said:

    This looks like a terrific event to network and participate in. I can’t wait to attend the same training in Baltimore, Maryland in April.

  6. Sarah Johangiry said:

    It was great to meet so many of you at Hall’s house. It was a blast! I was fortunate to attend the training in the Fall. Our school has an AFI after school GATE program going on right now! The kids love it! I would reccomend the training to all DEN members!!

  7. Kim R said:

    It was a great event! I cannot wait for us to plan a NorCal one and to have our staff and kids go through it as well! Joe, have you recovered from the 104 degree temp. yet? Thanks Jannita and Hall for being our DEN hosts!

  8. Julie Mildrew said:

    What a terrific event. it was a incredible learning experience along with a great time spent with a amazing group of educators. Thank you to Jannita for organizing the event and to Hall and his family for hosting a “HALLywood” party. It was great meeting the AFI people along with the CAL DEN people. Thank you Discovery for givng us this opportunity to be part of the AFI training.

  9. Katie Warren said:

    The AFI class is such a great way to begin a “career” in educational filmmaking. I have CDs and DVDs of our afterschool GATE class and am ‘guiding’ a class at another school this Spring. They don’t really need me but I want to be there ’cause it’s such a fabulous experience watching students blossom as they create and tell their own digital stories. It’s wonderful to see the number of teachers having access to Frank, Mitch, and the wonderful resources from AFI. Good goin’, DEN!

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