We're Up and Running…..

Welcome NY educators!  The blog has officially launched (YIPPEE!!!)

I’ll be posting the more ‘official’ welcome on Sunday and at that time introducing you to the New York Leadership Council team.  Many of you might wonder ‘If the official launch is Friday, why in the world would Nancy wait until Sunday?’  Good question!  I’m currently typing this from a laptop (it took me five tries to find one with internet access) at New York City’s Celebration Teaching & Learning Conference.  I’ll be mentally processing the event and sharing some of the highlights with you in an upcoming post.

At this moment, my dilemma is how to clone myself so that I can attend a Classroom Session on Podcasting and also sit in on Mel Levine’s Keynote Presentation.

Gotta run….want to get a good seat at the first session.


‘Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!’

PS  The reference to ‘running’ in the title of the post has to do with attempting (in vain) to hail a cab in NYC yesterday to get from uptown to the conference downtown.  So I would walk/run a block and try that wiggling my fingers at literally anything with wheels.  I would then repeat the (futile) exercise.  Over 30 minutes!!!  But since I tend to always be early, I was actually on time!


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  1. Loren Nowak said:

    Great start to get us off the ground here in NY, Nancy! We’re excited about having you and Jeannine as our resident bloggers! I’m sure that it won’t be long and we’ll have other NY Educators joining us on the NY DEN LC and DEN. Dahlia will be helping to get the downstate folks going while I work on the upstate. Together, we’re a fab 4!


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