Are you free this Thursday or do you have a staff meeting?

I have a confession to make. Until last year, I never wrote down any dates or appointments. I usually remembered to attend them, but only
because I had them all stuffed in small crevices in the corner of my
brain. Of course, that usually lead to a
feeling of being overwhelmed and unorganized.  Maybe that’s why I could never sleep soundly-
always wondering what I had to do the next day…

 I remember trying to
use a day planner, but if I needed it at school, it was in my car or if I
needed it at home, it was at school. You
see the pattern there. So it never got
used. Early last year, I began to use an
online calendar and it has changed my life.

The online calendar/organizer I use allows me to enter
events in any month or year and set reminders to be emailed IM’ed or text
messaged to my cell. The best part is
that I can add or view events from any place with an internet connection
(services will soon be available that will allow this to be done offline as
well). So now I don’t have to keep track
of where my planner is!

For items that recur weekly or monthly, I can set the event
just once and then tell the program to repeat until a certain date. 

There are many free web applications that will do all of
these tasks, including the ones below. The one I am most anticipating is Scrybe
(still in beta-check out the video). You
can enter your data in one calendar and save it in iCal format. You can then import the data into another
online calendar if you want. 

So check out some of these free sites and post some comments
letting us know what you think. Are
there some cool features that you use that we should be aware of?

Hipcal, Kikocal, Google Calendar


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  1. Kim R said:

    Scrybe looks awesome! I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Katie Warren said:

    My school filters won’t let the Scrybe video through, but HipCal and GoogleCalendar look great.

    Thanks for this, Dave.

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