Meet Your New York Leadership Council

WELCOME!!!  I understand that we (this blog) is going *L*I*V*E* on Wednesday!  That’s soooo exciting.  I’d like to take this post to introduce you to your New York Leadership Council:

(drumroll please!)

Starring:  Loren Nowak – Chair

and co-starring: Dahlia McGregor (as the co-Chair for the downstate/NYC area)

(applause, applause)

and featuring: Jeanine Rousseau as our Events Coordinator

(standing ovation, please!)

and your humble screenwriter:  Nancy Sharoff as Blog Coordinator

(another round of applause)

Check out the following:

or click on the following:

‘Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!’


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  1. Jannita Demian said:

    The first thought… or song… that comes to mind is “Start Spreading the News” Congrats NY LC on the launch of your blog! I know everyone will want to “Be A Part Of It” We look forward to all the exciting things to come in NY!

  2. Tracy Standhart said:

    What a nice surprise to see a NY DEN blog again. As a former member of the NY/NJ Regional Advisory board, I’m looking forward to all the great things coming our way. Please don’t forget the capital region of New York when making plans for any exciting future events!

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