Planet Earth… Like I’ve Never Seen It Before

Last night’s premiere of Discovery Channel HD’s Planet Earth made me appreciate Tivo and our HD TV in a whole new light!

I know the buzz has been building for weeks now!  I have had students come up to me and tell me how excited they were to see it, I have heard that the preview commercials were the water cooler topic in businesses across the country, and I have even had teachers request it on unitedstreaming, even before they saw the 1st episode!  Well, the power and energy of what Discovery does best has been unleashed as it has never been before.

New technologies made this 5 year, 2000 filming days, and 204 location project possible.  If you hung in there til the very end you were able to get an glimpse into how it was possible to get the entire wild dog hunt filmed for the first time ever.  Anyone else out there amazed that the camera that can film about a mile away can be so crystal clear?!?

I took some time to explore Discovery Channel’s website this morning and wanted to let you know about some great links that you can check out with your students.

Photo Gallery

Planet Earth Animal Guide

Google Earth Tour


Matching Game

Mission Planet Earth Game

and much more by visiting the Planet Earth homepage

And one of my favorites an Interactive Television Event, featuring an on-line tours and trivia synched up to the show

So enough from me… I want to hear from you and your students! What did you love most about Planet Earth?  Which was your favorite scene? What episode do you look forward to watching next?



  1. Stacy Harrell said:

    I don’t have Discovery Channel at home, however, I can’t wait to show my students the pictures online. Will the episodes be available on United Streaming?

  2. Jim Upson said:

    Discover is to HDTV as Disney was to color.

    While the elements of audio and video are still there, it’s the way they’re used that changes the communication experience. The Planet Earth series reflects this. We see life like colors and crisp detail in images that we could not imagine in the analogue world. As our brain processes these new images we see and hear a new world of the a/v like never before.

    However, this new HD world needs artists that understand it and compose for it. The Discovery channel shows a keen understanding of this and the results have come forth in Planet Earth. They’ve blended sights and sounds that captivate audience and cause them to gasp with each new seen.

    So, keep up the good work. I can’t wait for the next piece you commission.

  3. Jennie O'Keley said:

    Thank you for this blog. I love the links that you sent to us. They are wonderful. Is there a way to find out when all of the Planet Earth habitats will be shown on Discovery?

  4. Elaine Plybon said:

    I was one of the lucky people at the Dallas AFI workshop who got to preview Planet Earth before its debut on television. I was totally AMAZED! My favorite scene, I think, was the one of the great white shark flying into the air to catch a seal, although there was so much breathtaking photography that, to be honest here, my jaw was dropped open most of the duration of the film! (I also LOVED the birds of paradise!) I was so excited when I got home that I showed my 9 year old son the website (which has a trailer for the series), and he asked me all weekend “when is it going to show? when is it going to show?” I’m recording them all so that my entire family can watch together!

  5. Martha Thornburgh said:

    I hyped Planet Earth up in newsletters, and blogs before the big event. We also took a look at the website and went on the GoogleEarth tour before hand. So, many of my students watched on Sunday. The favorite scene I heard over and over was the shark jumping out of the water and eating the seal. I read Matt’s blog to my students about the interview with one of the producers. My students are film makers so they were very interested in the filming and editing process as well. It is neat to see how the view things differently since we have started making movies. Very amazing, I can’t wait to see the whole 11 episodes.

  6. Josh Wolff said:

    Hey Jannita,
    I agree, Planet Earth is some pretty amazing programming….far from the Mr. Rogers-like presentation of the African plains I grew up with.

    Take care,

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