Re-Opening the IL DEN Blog

We are very excited to announce the re-opening of the IL Blog.  The IL council is back on board.  We would love to get feedback and post educational ideas from any and all educators.

Additionally, we hope to see a lot of the IL members come back as we know that you have put in a lot of work already.  Your expertise is greatly appreciated by the IL DEN. 

Here is a little bit about our new Council Leadership…


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  1. joe Brennan said:

    I think it’s very appropriate that our first new blog entry is preceded by Dick Marchessault’s last post wishing the IL DEN all the best for the new year. Together we can preserve and grow the community of learners that he nurtured.

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    Welcome IL LC! What a terrific group you have to get the momentum moving forward! I look forward to the wonderful things you have on the horizon for DEN members in your state! Congrats!

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