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  1. Lance said:
    Agnes Phlumm and the stone creek science fair
    google – stas
    Great plant escape
    Soiled again
    Invite older students to share ideas with younger kids

  2. Lance said:
    gross or yucky science
    Book: Science Fair Workshop (blue)

  3. Lance said:

    having a list of deadlines for the students
    list of can and cannot do
    restrict areas of science that project fits under
    aims books
    community problems to be solved
    local issues
    current events
    k-4 do class project to learn scientific process
    wiki- free accounts to educators

  4. Beth Rivera said:

    Loved the workshop! My school decided to drop schience fair all together this year due to several apathetic teachers and a session like this makes me want to jump in and take control to be sure that we have a fair next year! Hopefully through these resources I can get the community and the rest of the school excited about what we’re going to do!

    I have used the Elmer’s Science Fair kit in the past and it is VERY helpful!

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