Contests Update and Challenge

     Since we have probably graduated more than 100 DEN members from AFI’s Screen Ed program, we should have many schools ready to spread their digital storytelling wings. Well written and creatively filmed videos are just what these contests with looming deadlines are looking for. Let’s celebrate our students’ work and apply the strategies of visual grammar to share what schools can do with technology.
     C-SPAN’s Student Cam Documentary Contest deadline is the day after tomorrow, March 30th. A bit late to get started now. Good luck to those who have entered or are just finishing up.
     The National School Board Association’s Student Moviefest in conjunction with their T+L Conference closes off entries in just four weeks with an April 23rd deadline (was also the “dead” line for a couple of other great storytellers, Shakespeare and Cervantes). With all the action we managed to pack into the Door Scene, illustrating “How Can One Person Make a Difference?” in a 60 second Public Service Announcement should be right up an AFI alum’s alley. Share your story or idea about the extraordinary power of one human spirit to make a difference. And winners get a $1700 travel stipend to the conference in Nashville, October 17-19th. Don’t forget to check out last year’s winners near the bottom of their website. Recognize any of those shot angles?


       The International Student Media Festival gives you the most time and the broadest range of categories (from photography and websites to animation and live action video) with its deadline at the end of May. New this year is a podcast category!
     Of course, the folks out in California have their own venerable (this is the 41st year!) video and multimedia celebration going on. Just a little over two weeks left for theLogo34small California Student Media Festival, left coasters! The deadline is April 16th.

     So how ‘bout it AFI Screen Ed alumni and all you other media savvy educators, don’t you think you have a class or two that would love to rise to one of these challenges?


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