I posted this on my personal blog and wanted to share it with all my DEN friends as well.

It never fails, after I click publish something REALLY COOL comes up. Again, thanks to Tech Crunch for showing this off. As described on their website, “ToonDoo is a wacky way to get creative with comics. You can now create your own comic strips, share them or insert them in your blogs with just a few clicks and drag-n-drops!” While still working at my old school, Kay Teehan shared with me a comic strip making software that she’s used and shared with some of the teachers as an alternative way to make a digital story. I know that students can get bored if you are doing the SAME type of project OVER and OVER. This gives the teacher a viable alternative, or giving the student/groups a choice of what they want to create!

Being the Social Studies teacher that I am…I went ahead and created one based loosely on the Three R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle). This is what I came up with: My ToonDoo. Very neat if you ask me, and it was a VERY easy interface to navigate and follow. The interface is Flash based. So enjoy!



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  1. Karen C. Seddon said:

    How cool are you! I love TOON DOON, Tom. Thanks for sharing. Hmmm, I’m feeling a “tuesdays” post and it’s only Friday!. I look forward to sharing this with all our creative teachers. Thanks to Kaye also.

  2. Tom Turner said:

    RAWK AWN Karen Seddon. Thanks for the reply. I thought it was a pretty cool tool if you ask me.

  3. Katie Knapp said:

    Hey, Tom, I was really impressed with this site and, after checking it out, emailed it to my staff. Unfortunately, about 20 minutes after I had checked the site, a VERY inappropriate comic and numerous postings with AWFUL language were right there on the front page. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up! I was amazed that it got through outr district filter!

  4. Janet said:

    This looks like it can really open opportunities for the very creative. I signed up and immediately was notified it was successful but haven’t been able to log on successfully yet. Thanks for showing us this neat tool.

  5. Stephanie Stipkovich said:

    OK, Toon Doon looks cool…BUT…I’m drawing a blank as to how I can use this to impact student learning in a direct & meaningful way. Any ideas/examples? BTW, I teach science.

  6. Tom Turner said:


    I have found that some students don’t respond to the normal digital storytelling/podcast type of project. This type of resource gives the student a new avenue that they might be able to authentically show knowledge/skills they’ve learned in class. I take more from what a student can visually show me (and describe/discuss his/her rationale for doing it) over some canned posterboard, display board or powerpoint created.

  7. Steve Dembo said:

    Love that one! There’s so many comic tools out there now, but this one just feels smooth. Thanks for the tip

  8. Michelle Brown said:

    After I read this, I thought this was a very creative way to have students express their thoughts. I also think that it will give teachers an opportunity to reach all learning modalities. Neat!!

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