ZamZar a Huge Hit for Me!

Recently, Steve Dembo, that great Discovery-Educator-of-Everything-Web, wrote about Zamar on his Digital PassPorts blog.  Zamzar is a terrific site for uploading videos and converting them to other file types.  Best of all, it is free!

Because of Steve’s blog, I traveled over to Zamzar to have a look for myself.  I was already impressed by his brief review, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what all I found!

The first thing I noticed is that there is no registration required.  You simply browse your computer for the video you want, upload it, choose a file type you want for conversion, type in your email address, and everything starts happening right before your very eyes!

Then I went over to a video of their own that details some of the improvements they have made to the site.  I highly recommend you check it out!

Here is a brief synopsis of what else Zamzar has cooking:

First, you can convert a lot of other files besides videos.  I went back to Steve’s blog and realized he had included them, but in my haste I had overlooked them.  So, if you find a PDF file you would like to use, but need to edit it, simply convert it to an Office doc or some other suitable file.

Second, you can now convert videos and other files directly from a URL.  Yep, just type in the URL and follow the same steps as before.

Third, you can embed Zamzar into your browser.  That means the webpages you view will be "tagged" where convertable documents or videos are found.  Anything Zamzar can convert will be pointed out to you on the page.  Simply click the "tag" and it will take you directly to the Zamzar site with the URL filled in.  Click and convert.  Pretty easy, huh?

Fourth, and one of my favorites, Zamzar is now directly linked to a 12 of the most popular video sites like YouTube, Google Video, MySpace, MetaCafe, IFILM, and more.  I have found videos on these sites that I would like to use in some of my lessons at school, but can’t link to them because all the sites are blocked.  Now, I should be able to convert them and then download them to my hard drive for viewing in the classroom.

This is one terrific site.  Let me know how you fare!



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    I use this site for uploading videos and converting them to other file types. It is really great

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