Hello all, my name is Donna, and I am excited about being an author for our new assessment blog here at Discovery Education. I have more that 20 years experience in education as a classroom teacher, state projects, and superintendent. As a former high school teacher, the “aha moment” when the light came on in a student’s mind, was worth it all to me. Now I am experiencing the same phenomena as I work with teachers in student mode, wanting to learn more about improving student achievement and benchmark formative assessment.

My experience in formative assessment formally began four years ago as I began to see first hand the impact of formative assessment versus summative assessment in classrooms, schools, and districts. As I work as an Education Consultant at Discovery Education in the area of assessment we have a great team of educators. Together we have worked to refine approaches to inform, encourage, and excite educators to improve instruction by implementing their own students’ data as a guide.

We look forward to adding other educators as authors to this blog very soon and hearing about your experiences with assessment and how you are using data to help your students.


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  1. Nathan Guteras said:

    Welcome to the Discovery Education blogs.
    Our school looks forward to working with your new products to help prepare us for online assessments and better track our student’s growth trhoughout the school year. Nate Guteras (Florida DEN member)

  2. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    We have been using Think most of this school year in my district and love it! I assisted with the training at the start. People really need to get on board with this as it really works!

  3. Jennifer Dorman said:

    I’m excited to learn more about this new Discovery resource. I’m looking forward to the webinar next week. Welcome!

  4. Karla Halcomb- Star Member - TN Leadership Council said:

    Yeah, for the Assessment Blog! Our school used ThinkLink last year and is setting it’s sights there for next year as well. I think we education and powers that be place more empasis on the formative assessments instead of summative then our students and society will grow immensely!

  5. Lynn Burdick said:

    Hello! As part of a grant (NCLB Improving Teacher Quality) through the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Office of Educational Technology in the College of Ed (Univ of IL) was able to provide ThinkLink to several central Illinois school districts. We had a range of schools from schools in AYP trouble to a Blue Ribbon school. It has been fascinating to watch and listen as these schools implemented this assessment tool in various degrees and fashions. Regardless of the district, the teachers agree ThinkLink facilitates VERY accessible information for data-driven instruction. Happy to be aboard!

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