Need Your Voice

A little over a week from now, I will be presenting to an internal group of Discovery Education employees including product development, marketing and sales representatives.  As part of the presentation, I want my colleagues to hear, first hand, our customer’s voice…your voice!

So I am asking for your help.  I’m hoping you’ll take a few minutes to record your thoughts on the follow two topics:

  1. How is the way your students are interacting with media changing (both in school and in their every day lives)?
  2. How is unitedstreaming assisting you in reaching your students or improving instruction?

To share your thoughts (and be included in my presentation):

  • Call 888.65.GCAST (888.654.2278)
  • When asked for the registration phone number, enter 800.323.9084
  • The pin is 1234
  • Once you have recorded your message hit #.  Please include your name, school, state and role
  • Press 2 to save your recording
  • Hang up

As we continue to provide products and services that are both useful to you and relevant to the changing world in which we live, it is incredibly valuable for the entire Discovery Education team to hear first hand from you.  Thank you again.

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One Comment;

  1. Claudia Smith said:

    Unitedstreaming is now an integral part of my lessons: I use it to introduce, illustrate, summarize. Students are comfortable with the transition between the videos and the lesson itself.

    One change I’d like to see is in the writing prompt section of Teacher Tools. If students could write their responses right on the assignment, it could be used at home or in the computer lab. As it stands now, it is not an improvement over the typical prompt produced with Word.

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