ZamZar, changing A to Z

Ever needed to convert a file and realized you don’t have the software to do it?  Visited CNET or some other "free" software download site, searching for the software that will make the exact conversion you’re needing?  Well, those days seem to be gone forever!  Now there is ZamZar, a free online file conversion site.  After reading Steve Dembo’s post, I visited the site and now I’m looking for files to convert, whether I need to or not!  It’s so simple to use, and doesn’t require you to register or purchase anything!  It seems to convert just about any type of file to any other type of file.  One problem for me, though, my school’s internet filter blocks the site — it seems to think it is a web storage tool — so you might have to check with your tech guys and see about how to get there.  Check it out and comment on Steve’s blog to let him know your thoughts on it!


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