5 Ways Technology Has Made Me Feel Foolish

My best friend and I share a common love for April Fools Day.  Every year we excitedly plan our ruse.  Every year they seem to be more elaborate.  And every year they produce the same result – our wives roll their eyes as we fall to the floor laughing…and then I sleep on the couch that night.

April Fools falls on Sunday this year.  With that in mind I thought I’d share:

Matt’s Five Ways Technology Has Made Me Feel Foolish.

  1. One day a teacher called me to tell me that her unitedstreaming video had no sound.  We rebooted her computer, verified that the video was working on my end, accessed the control panel and adjusted her speaker volume – nothing.  I Googled her computer model, operating system, and sound settings in a valiant effort to solve the problem – nothing.
    Then after 30 minutes of trouble shooting, a beam of light descended upon my frazzled brain and a heavenly choir song a melodious chord, and I said…wait a minute are your speakers turned on?  They were not (sigh).
  2. Early in my Implementation career a teacher called and franticly exclaimed, "I need access to unitedstreaming but I can’t play any of my videos.  Please help!"
    Again much time was spent systematically ruling out the issues to no avail. 
    It turns out the the school was blocking streaming and downloading during school hours…"Ohhhh that’s right, I forgot about that" explained the teacher.  This is now the first thing I check.
  3. When you are replying to a person’s e-mail, and multiple people are copied, be very careful to reply to sender and not reply to all – I’ll let your imaginations run with that one.
  4. It is www.unitedstreaming.com NOT www.unitedstreamign.com – for the life of me I once spent ten minutes typing in the address wrong! I was this close to sounding "The Site Is Down!" alert.
  5. Is it just me or have you sent a fax only to find out later that all you really sent were blank pages? I still have trouble identifying which way to insert the paper in the fax machine

So that you don’t get fooled in the future, here are a few links to past postings.  Check them out and access answers to the most frequently asked questions/issues.

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I hope that you have enjoyed these experiences and that they brought you a chuckle or two.

Now if I could only find that darn "Any key" on my computer.  You know the "Press Any Key to continue…" APRIL FOOLS!

Talk to you soon,
Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, unitedstreaming


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