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  1. Valerie Andrew said:

    I loved the Science Fair Workshop, if only I had it 3 months ago, this is my first one and I got much resistnace from the teachers in participating, the kids are excited to do anything besides just get ready for state testing, so I’m hoping there will be some good ones and I’ve spent much class time on the actual projects, now comes the hard part of writing the conclusions after dat analysis and creating their displays, but your workshop inpired me greatly.

  2. Valerie Andrew said:

    Thanks again for inspiring me my science fair is less than a month away! I got lots of great tips to help me this year and for next. I love the idea of having the kids tajke a picture and discuss as a class potential projects…true inquiry.

    Here’s my mailing address for the labcoat, which I love, I alsio love the blue long sleeve shirts, can I buy one?

    Valerie Andrew
    8915 Burton Ave.
    St. Louis, Mo 63114
    ph 314 241-1110 ext.1304
    size W’s 2XL or Mens XL

  3. Linda Rand said:

    I enjoyed the workshop and have some new websites to try. I appreciate the packet so I can improve our science fair! I would love a lab coat. Size: Women’s size 12

    Linda Rand
    11211 N. W. 15th St.
    Coral Springs, Florida 33071

    954 290-1433

  4. Marguerite Jones said:

    Another way our school communicates to parents about science fairs is to have a general meeting to discuss the process. We show a video, show examples of completed projects, and give the parents a packet of materials to use to help their children complete the project.

  5. Marguerite Jones said:

    To get the community involved, we use a community person (i.e. engineer), science supervisors from around our state, and at least one parent(not from our school) to be judges. We try to have at least 6 judges. We interview each participant and give awards (medals, certificates, etc.) to each participant.
    Marguerite Jones
    900 North Main St. #39
    Greenville, SC 29609

  6. Michelle Sammur said:

    I left the session today with lots of practical ideas to improve our school science fair.

    I also remembered some other great science fair websites to try, like (has lots of small labs to do in the classroom),, the TWINKIES project (who knew you could find out so much using a twinkie?),, etc. NSTA also has a listing of science fair websites.

    Y. Michelle Sammur
    9705 Fontainebleau Blvd. Apt. 109
    Miami, Fl. 33172
    Labcoat size: Women’s 12

  7. Barbara Walton-Faria said:

    We invited local scientists – those who work in our water treatment plant, local engineers, marine scientists, a chef likes to sail… answer questions that our students had on their projects. It was held after school and was so successful that we invited them back for three afternoons.

    We also assigned a theme this year-“Making A Difference”-It gave the students a focus and made them aware of community issues that they might be able to address.

  8. Barbara Walton-Faria said:

    Barbara Walton-
    585 Aquidneck Avenue
    Middletown, RI 02842

    Thanks for a great workshop!

  9. Gerald R. Kelly said:

    I felt the the science fair workshop at NSTA was very infomative and a learned a lot. Thanks for a wonderful job.

  10. Ilesha Seyoum said:

    It was great. I have my parents as part of the committees to formulate the judging and set up and so on. This allows them to know in more detail, how a fair is run, and what may be needed to get the fair set up.

  11. Ilesha Seyoum said:

    548 New London Drive
    Greenwood Indiana 46142
    Labcoat Medium

  12. kathey Crocket said:

    Please , Please send me a shirt! I loved the session. There were great tips to use and I have used the Elmers Before.
    Kathey Crockett
    3333 Sprague St
    Dallas, Texas 75233

  13. Mary Moss said:

    The session was awesome and fun. The audience shared many great links. I definitely want your presentation to come to my school.


    Putnam Middle School
    1757 Montclair Road
    Birmingham, AL 35210

  14. Ricky Flowers said:

    Our school district includes an Army post and an Air Force base. There are many highly trained professionals from all backgrounds/specialties working at both places. Ask your parents if they know any of these professionals and invite them to into your classroom.

  15. Catherine LeMar said:

    I have never done a science fair before. This presentation had excellent resources for new teachers. I particularly liked how it was recognized that parents are a huge part of the puzzle for some students.

  16. Kary Roberts said:

    I loved this session!!! I appreciate the info on Photo Story and the opportunity to share with other teachers about science fair. I also am excited about the resource kit you gave me…Thank you soooo much!!! Great workshop!! I wish I had had this training 6 years ago when I started the science fair for the first time!!

  17. Betty J. Kelley said:

    Enjoy the workshop and I all away have my students work with a partner to brainstrom ideas for topics

  18. Chris Swanson said:

    Thank-you for the inspiring workshop on Science Fairs. I just had my first one this year and I am hooked. The learning and self esteem enrichment that occured were fantastic. Thank you for the many websites and packet. I appreciate them.
    Chris Swanson

  19. Donella Walker said:

    The workshop today was very informative. I will be moving from 4th to 5th and 6th grade next year and will be implementing a science fair. Thank you for your help.

  20. Sondra Ussary said:

    The workshop was great! I am going to be the lead person to start Science Fairs in our small rural school, and I am glad I came to your workshop because now I have wonderful resources to begin with! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  21. Sherryl tonge George said:

    I enjoyed you workshop. Third grade is doing a Science Fair for the first time this year and I found your materials and suggestions to be very helpful

  22. Beth said:

    I think I posted my response in the wrong place! Loved the workshop! I have used the Science Fair kit in the past and will continue to use it in the future. You have renewed my interested in getting the entire community involved with the science fair at our school.

  23. Chris Leavor said:

    Thanks for a great workshop! I am having my very first- and I thik the first for our school- fair and feel much more confident.

  24. Renee Smith said:

    Thanks for the great information on Science Fairs. What a great resource for new teachers especially or for that matter teachers who have been thrown to the wolves when creating a great science fair!

    I wanted to add that the Science World magazine is a good resource for teachers for science fair projects and guide to proper science fair testing terminology and such!

    Lab coat size 14!
    Thanks again
    Renee Smith
    100 Mustang Drive
    Anderson, MO 64831

  25. Robin Eissler said:

    I loved the Science Fair Workshop. I am getting ready to do my first Science Fair and I feel much calmer now that I have so many resources.

  26. William Holsinger said:

    Enjoyed the ‘demo class’ this am; still enjoy the newsletters you send already. All the resources / websites are useful so you don’t spend time re-inventing ‘where-to-go’
    Thx! Wm

  27. Robin Eissler said:

    This posted with someone else’s name.
    I loved the Science Fair Workshop. I am getting ready to do my first Science Fair and I feel much calmer now that I have so many resources.

  28. janicelamb said:

    Fantastic workshop! Very enthusthic speakers! Very motivating! Very much involved in their presentation! Super duper power point presentation! Keep up the Great Job Guys! Oh, Hello Joe! God Bless!

  29. Bryan Borden said:

    Great workshop! I needed some good ideas to get me started and inspired to tackle the orgnization end of a science fair. Thanks

  30. susanswain said:

    The workshop was fantastic and I really enjoyed all the info that you distributed! Are these enough hoops to jump thru?????????????IDea, tell participants to put vaseline under the orange cap to prevent the glue from gooping!

  31. Jon Bradley said:

    I really enjoyed all of the NSTA conference, but I have to say that I enjoyed Lance’s and Bill Nye’s Sessions the most out of everything that I did.

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