Fauxto – If it looks like Photoshop and tastes like Photoshop….

Today I discovered what just might be the closest thing to Photoshop Online until Adobe throws its stick in the ground.  The site is called FauxTo (yes, I think it’s pronounced like ‘foto’), and is remarkably similar to Photoshop, or at least Elements. 

Anyone who has used any version of Photoshop will be at home.  The palettes are on the right, tools are on the left.  They have the usual icons in the usual places.  Like most other online image editing apps, you can crop, resize, rotate, and adjust the levels.  However, this is the first I’ve seen with features like gradient support, the eraser tool, the smudge tool, and an eyedropper tool for color selection.

But what’s really got me salivating is that this one has the feature that really sets the boys from the men in the image editing world: LAYERS.  With FauxTo, you’ve got layers to work with!  While they aren’t nearly as robust as the desktop version, you can name them, re-arrange them, show or hide them, and even apply basic effects to them (like bevels, shadows and such). 

I do have to admit that I found some parts of the interface a little wonky.  For example, after you moved a layer around a bit, you had to click "Apply Move" before you could do anything else.  That little extra step is a little irritating to someone who’s used to working in Photoshop already, considering how closely this mirrors the desktop application.  Same thing goes for things like adding text.  First you type up your text, then you click on the screen where you want it.  If you want to move your text though, you better click on the move tool first, because if you click anywhere else on the image, it will create a new text layer instead of moving or editing what you have.  I could get used to it of course, but it’s a little irritating.

Other than that though, I think FauxTo is just about tied with my current fav, Picnik (which I wrote about here).   PicNik is a little cleaner and quicker, and has much better support for other Web2.0 sites like Flickr.  But having layers….  well, that about evens things out!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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