Three Things to Do NOW

Gamelogo These things have deadlines!  But you should submit, because I think somebody reading this blog will win at least one of them..:).  First of Three Things: 4 Media Contests:  There’s money, tickets, and fame to be won–so read on. Each has a slight catch, but one of the following will work for you.  Timewarner #1: Time Warner Cable National Teacher Awards:  "provide cash to outstanding teachers who develop creative learning projects that involve cable resources, such as programming or Internet technology, and focus on curriculum audiovisual productions or multimedia applications." Eligible individuals must teach at a state-accredited K–12 public or private U.S. school. Award recipients will receive $2,000 cash, $3,000 for school technology advancement and a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend an awards banquet and meet with Congressional leaders. Deadline April 13.  The catch: Schools must be within a Time Warner Cable service area.  If someone in your school gets Time Warner cable (the overwhelming majority of the cable-using country), you’re in!  Tl #2 2007 Student MediaFest. Deadline: April 23.The National School Boards Association challenges students to answer the question: “How Can One Person Make a Difference?” How can you change the world? There are thousands of political, environmental, economic, educational, health, humanitarian, and animal issues affecting our world. "Create a 60 second Public Service Announcement to share your insights, ideas and inspiration for making positive change happen in one area—as individuals, as members of the local community and as global citizens of our world. Share your story or idea about the extraordinary power of one human spirit to make a difference". Winners (at elementary, middle school, and high school) receive an invitation and complimentary registration to the Arts Spotlight at the 2007 T+L Conference in Nashville, October 17-19, 2007. The catches:  $10 registration fee (leave a comment if this keeps you from submitting), and Moviefest is sponsored by Apple so they are especially looking for videos made with Apple software. Csmmf #3 The California Student Media Festival, the nation’s oldest.  Deadline April 16. No entry fee.  Overall winning schools get $1,000.  Great ceremony.  Curriculum based.  The catch:  Your school must be in California. #4 Taking It Global! Deadline April 30. Are you a teacher who brings global issues to life in your classroom? Do you give students opportunities to create and collaborate? Global Submit blogs, media, or just about anything else. Winners will be announced at NECC in Atlanta, and are eligible for nifty prizes such as webcams, digital cameras, and podcasting equipment. A collaboration with ISTE. The catch:  You have to register at the site to submit. But just about any project will do, and that’s pretty cool.  Ymi_books Second of three things:  Free Resources.  From the folks that brought you the Academy Awards, online teachers guides for editing, animation, sound and music, documentaries, and more!  Wow! And don’t forget the American Film Institute’s great, great, resource on unitedstreaming Lights, Camera, Education! Afi Third of three things: Goodies from Discovery:  The free, interactive game Mission: Planet Earth that lets students budget, produce, and execute a documentary.  Check it out yourself. STAR DEN member and video teacherD_voc_markhall  Mark Hall said it kept him glued.  And, psst, there is a free login to check out how to use media in dead-on science instruction. Click on "Are You a New Teacher" and use the 1A47-4F8A passcode.  Deadline:  60 days. Check out the assessment tools that assign media for instruction.  Tell them I sent you…


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  1. Hall Davidson said:

    Thanks, Michele! It’s always good to know somebody reads these. PS If you’re interested, submit something to the T+L video contest (MovieFest). They extended the deadline which sometimes means they didn’t get as many entries as they would like–which means increased chance for eternal fame.

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