Web 2.0 — How do you know THAT?!?

I attended the EdTechConnect with Doug Johnson entitled "Policies 2.0: Rules of the Social Web" on March 21, where he talked about Web 2.0.  Now I, for one, had no idea what exactly Web 2.0 means, but Doug delivered a very informative talk and presentation about it.  Web 2.0 basically means the new internet, the one that is social and interactive, like MySpace and blogging (wow, I was a part of Web 2.0 and didn’t even know it!).  Anyway, something really interesting came up — Doug was mentioning that we need to be telling our students how important it is for them to THINK about what they put out there for the world to see, because someday, it might be a potential employer who sees it and forms an opinion about them.  We have all talked to our students about the predators out there, but have we ever talked about the employers and other potentially positive readers of their content?

I experienced this firsthand — my current employer had already done a Google search for my name before my interview, and when I walked in, he said "I feel like I already know you."  Now, I have to admit, that was a little unsettling, because I appear to be the only living Elaine Plybon in the world, so basically I couldn’t say that any of that stuff wasn’t me!  Rest assured, I ran home after the interview and Google’d myself — WHEW!  Nothing embarrassing, though there were a few things that were out-of-date. 

Let’s do an informal poll here — Have you ever had a potential employer do an internet search on you?  Do you have any amusing stories to tell?  I posted this on my personal blog on the DEN website and got some interesting responses.  One reader said that he does Google searches of his daughter’s prospective boyfriends — thanks for the great idea, Tim!  Another mentioned that the police will use Web 2.0 to locate criminals — I guess criminals don’t exactly think about the big picture, huh?  Others have gone and done Google searches of their own name to see what comes up.  Let me know what you think — tell me your stories — let’s have fun with this!  Comments, comments, comments! (and don’t forget to take the poll!)


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