EdTechConnect tomorrow: Staggeringly Great Things Mixing Media and Google Earth

Don’t forget that tomorrow we’re kicking off EdTechConnect weekly with Hall Davidson’s Staggeringly Great Things Mixing Media and Google Earth.  As anybody who has seen Hall present before knows, every presentation is unique and guarantees to be both educational and exciting!

Cost to you?  NONE!  As always, EdTechConnect is offered to you free of charge!

Click here to register for his and the other April ETC’s. 


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  1. Martha Thornburgh said:

    I sure love living in beautiful Washington, but I sure hate missing out on all of the webinars due to being on the West Coast. I do watch the archived webinars so please, if you can, post as an archive. Might try to do a webinar with my students during the day. That sounds fun. The Planet Earth one will be during our state testing, so I will have to wait for another opportunity. Thanks.

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