The Story of Movies

     Tim Childers over on the Tennessee blog tipped me off to the “Story of Movies” website.
     I didn’t have to look far to find this quote from Martin Scorsese: “Movies are a door to knowledge — knowledge of society, knowledge of history, knowledge of art. The Story of Movies opens these doors by teaching students to think critically about film and providing them with a deeper understanding of this uniquely influential art form.”
     Though the site and its curriculum ideas seem to be aimed at middle school and classic films, I think that there is a lot here for digital storytellers of any age. Of special interest to all is their downloadable, sixteen page “Beyond Read-the-Book, Watch-the-Movie” found in the Teacher’s Lounge. And, of course, the interdisciplinary tie-in, tapping a student’s knowledge in a number of different subject areas, is one of the main attractions. Once you sign up, you can get access to a free DVD of a movie and curriculum that includes teacher’s guides, graphic organizers, activity booklets, and lesson quizzes. Looks like the DVD’s are out of print right now, so you may have to wait til next year to use that resource. The site is presented by The Film Foundation in partnership with IBM and Turner Classic Movies.
     Thanks, Tim!


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