Google Earth Webinar Handouts

Ppt Google Earth Webinar April 4!  Handouts posted below. Unsolicited comments from the chat window.  We had a great time and I thought I would leave this blog post to the participants!:

Teryl Magee :I think the kids will get a lot out of it! Steve Dembo:absolutely! Steve Dembo: Panoramio layer–That’s great that it will do it right from inside Google Earth.  Others pop up a browser.Marie Coleman:Can’t wait to share GoogleLitTrips one with our English Department! Jennifer Dorman: Very cool. Heather Googlelit Sullivan:this will be AMAZING!  Meg Griffin:let us know how to contribute Jerome. This is incredible!! Elaine Plybon:students think they are having too much fun when you do a Google Earth lesson 🙂 Jennifer Dorman:Google Earth rocks! (pun intended).

Cheryl Davis:Hall, You can also add pictures from your hard drive in the description box.  You don’t have to use Image Overlays to put images from your Hard drive in the Placemark description. Jerome Burg :there’s a 1 page handout on html coding for placemarks on the Grapes google lit site. Meg Griffin: great jerome!! Diana Laufenberg:one of the ways that I used GE last year was a river trip that we took on the San Juan River… it is a little scary for the parents so we fly through the whole route, showing stops, camping sites, rapids… and the parents loved that they were able to ‘see’ where the kids wereBeard  going to be for four days Alix Peshette:Great idea about changing the URL at Tiny URL! Alix Peshette:OK, shameless plug for my most recent blog – All Things Google Earth Diana Laufenberg :This is a discussion thread in the google for educator groups. Dean Shareski :good stuff Margo Jantzi:Gracias Ronique Hicks:Great info thanks Hall/Steve! Marie Coleman:Good learning, as always!  =)  Maryann Molishus:Thanks, I am "staggering" – and there wasn’t even any alchohol involved!!!! Kevin Jarrett:LOL

Handouts: Here is a pdf of the resource Word doc.  Also, two pdfs of the PowerPoint.  The 36 pager is the same as the 18 pager –but with bigger graphics 🙂  I had to zip some files.


Download google_earthwebinar36.pdf

Download GoogleEarthLessonsCommunities.pdf


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  1. Elaine Plybon - Texas LC - Blog Coordinator said:

    To elaborate on my comment, it never fails — every time I have a Google Earth activity in my classroom, I see students looking over their shoulder at me, with that look on their face that says “I’m going to get caught”. They think they must be off task, because they are having so much fun! The beauty of GE is, if they get a little off-task, it’s okay, because they always find something really cool in the process!

  2. Jennifer Dorman said:

    I make one dorky pun and it makes it to the blog . . . my husband was embarrassed (LOL) great webinar, Hall. I can’t wait to try out these resources in my classroom.

  3. Hall Davidson said:

    We are so inspired by your comment that we are starting a whole new blog for dorky puns. We’re considering Sort of a FarSide thing. 🙂
    (Thanks for being there!)

  4. Hall Davidson said:

    Thanks, fellow bloggers! I appreciate it truly!

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