I-lighter Working Out the Bugs

i-lighter is an interesting little tool that I am trying to decide if I really like or not.  i-light is a free download that allows you to highlight text on any webpage, add your own notes, and then save the highlighted text and notes in a file for later review.

I had a little trouble with error messages early on, and had to ask tech support exactly how to save the files (I couldn’t find them easily).  However, once on track, it is a fairly easy program to learn and use.

Their tech department told me that updates are coming at the end of the month that will make i-lighter work easier with stronger web integration.

Here is a brief slideshare to show you how it works.  Let me know what you think about it.


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  1. Anne Truger said:

    This seems like a very cool tool…I can’t wait to play with it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Karla Halcomb- Star Member - TN Leadership Council said:

    Great tool, Tim! I seriously was wishing for this just the other day when doing some achievement testing review. I’ll definitely be playing with it, passing along the info, and letting you in on implementation!

  3. Karla Halcomb- Star Member - TN Leadership Council said:

    i-lighter is not compatible with MAC. – YET! The CEO says it should be available in June. Promise to keep you posted.

  4. Lori Cooney said:

    I am really pushing for using i-lighter as part of our research requirements in our school next year. If students can produce highlighted text from a valid online resource we may begin to eradicate some of the plagiarism that is happening in education today.

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